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smiley face on ovulation test 2 days in a row

Smiley OPK two days in a row?? - BabyCentre

6 Jul 2012 ... Hey Girls Well after my over excitement at the smiley opk this time yesterday I just got another. Not sure what ... Is it poss to get an early + on a opk, like a day early, can the LH be picked up for 24hrs? I feel greedy ... I was under 23 Oct 2011 ... Hello Ladies Today will be the third day in a row that I have had a smiley face on my Ov test... Surely that ... My 2 Angel Babies Feb2011 Aug2011, gone but never forgotten xx ... Tried HPT (home pregnancy test) and it was neg this morniIs this normal? Also, with the days I have BD (baby dance (sex)) with DH, do you think it is likely to get pregnant this month? I am worried becasue it had been three days since we BD (baby dance (sex)) when I finally got positive smiley face on OPK. BUBeing able to correctly identify your most fertile period is essential for timing intercourse for conception. Many women become stressed when trying to determine their most fertile days. They become worried that if they do not time intercourse just rigOn sunday I got a smiley face with my OPK, did some BD that afternoon. Monday night I did a OPK and got a smiley face so we did BD tat nyt too. Is it ok to get smiley face 2 days in a row? Today wen I.Are you suppose to see the smiley face on the Clearblue digital ovulation test 2 days in a row?? Do I have to bbd again tonight??? Oh please enough already. I never had a surge last longer than 12 h...OPK smiley 3 days in a row. By dolphin Sep 13, 2014. I'm using the Clear Blue ovulation kit and got solid smiley faces three days in a row. I thought it was suppose to only give you two smiley faces for your peak 2 days? Has this happen to anyone else?Is this thing f**king around with me? Arrggggghhhhhh!!!! It is positive again. My poor hubby is going to be exhausted!I always though you ovulate 12-24hrs after first opk... when am I likely to ovulate? my cycles are between 29 (shortest) and 32(longest ) long. I am on cycle day 16. cm is abundant but watery to sticky (sorry tmi) Needless to say we have dtd deed on ea30 May 2013 ... and 2 days of solid. I have gotten a flashing smiley face 6 days in a row now. I am using first morning's urine like the directions said. Talked to the helpline at ClearBlue and they said to keep testing. My Dr. said I was wasting my mon


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